Wyoming lawmakers plan anti-vaccine-mandate special session

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming lawmakers plan to hold a rare special session Oct. 26-28 to counter President Joe Biden’s proposal to require COVID-19 vaccination for certain workers. One proposed bill would impose a $500,000 fine for firing, demoting, promoting, compensating or refusing to hire employees based on vaccination status. Another would fine or jail public servants who tried to enforce federal vaccine mandates.

10 thoughts on “Wyoming lawmakers plan anti-vaccine-mandate special session

      1. A comment by a true anti-America who doesn’t understand Law or the U.S. Constitution. You go with that!

  1. You can’t require a current employee to have any type of medical examination unless the examination is job-related and consistent with business necessity, required by another federal law, or required in connection with a voluntary wellness program. In the old days, pre-ADA, it was common for employers to require employees to get a physical every year, especially at the executive levels. Some employers still do this, but if you do, you should stop unless you meet the ADA requirements. (Probably the simplest solution is to move the “physical” requirement into your voluntary wellness program, but there is always the possibility that some folks will opt out of the program.)

  2. That does it, I am mandating that every natural born American of sufficient age and mental capability be armed and with sufficient ammo stand ready.

  3. Praise that rise in reason and rebellion! State rights prevail against tyranny. The people produce, unfettered; government serves them as the peoples’ laws define. Terminate bassakwards government over-reach sans reach around.

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